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Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is a potent greenhouse gas and although it is only found in a small concentration in the atmosphere it plays an important part in keeping the planet habitable through the greenhouse effect. Variations in atmospheric CO2 are key drivers of climate change on geological and human timescales.

There are a number of methods to reconstruct atmospheric CO2 concentration in the geological past. The Palaeo-CO2 Project aims to bring together geologists, geochemists, and palaeoceanographers to generate robust, multi-proxy records of atmospheric CO2 through the last 65 million years using the deep ocean sedimentary record.

ABout US

We are a group of ~20 scientists from 9 institutions from 4 countries. We are working together to better reconstruct atmospheric CO2 in the past using marine archives.

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The Data

We have compiled the published CO2 data from the last 65 million years from the marine realm. This is a living document that will be constantly updated and can be downloaded here.

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